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It is the xray graphic that I'm wondering about,it actually shows a bullet exiting
the barrel,what type device was used to produce that image?just curious
That's a very old photograph...likely a fluroscope...showing that the slide does indeed move before the bullet exits.

Here, the base of the bullet is about an inch from the muzzle, and...judging by the position of the link and the slide/frame alighment at the rear...the slide has moved about .070-.075 inch, which is just about right.

Note also the horizontal engagement of the upper lugs.

If you look close, you can see the bones in the shooter's hand...and take note that the gun hasn't moved very much. Most of what we perceive as recoil is muzzle flip, and 90% of that comes from the slide impacting the frame...and recoil from the internal ballistic event is long since over. By the time the slide hits the frame, the bullet is about 20 yards downrange...assuming [email protected] fps
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