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Original stripper clips for Japanese type 99 Arisaka


I recently was given a Japanese type 99. its a 1944 make from what i can tell, and I am having quite the field day researching markings and checking out nicer components to swap out (none of the numbers match anyway). However, something i cant seem to find is original stripper clips.
I am aware that swedish 6.5 mauser clips will work, but being a collector and having a little OCD I want to find some original japanese clips. besides, I already bought a couple of those swedish clips on eBay.

So, if anyone has any suggestions on where to start, or if anyone has any that they wouldnt mind selling, I'd be looking to pay somewhere around 10$ a clip.
Im not looking for many, maybe only 2 or 3. I did find just one on ebay, however its already up to almost 14$

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