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What have you heard? When I read the list of firearms she proposes to ban by name, the m1 carbine was on it.
I wasn't aware the M1 was on the list. Even so, I am pretty confident none of these weapons will be banned, but I am not so sure about high-cap mags.

I say this because the state I live in, which is Massachusetts, was hit hard by the last AWB in 94', as was California. No particular platforms of weapons were banned, but certain features were restricted. No folding stocks, no forward pistol grip, no flash suppressors, and a few other ridiculous things that made no sense other than legislators thought they made the guns look scary. But the worst of it is no high-cap mags unless grandfathered in. The reason I say I don't think AR's and the like will be banned is if I see anything passing, I see it following suite with Mass. and California. Hopefully it does not come to that, but logically it seems like that would be the next step.

The whole thing is full of pure ignorance and simple mindedness. To want to ban things like barrel shrouds based solely because they look scary, which by the way serve the purpose of not injuring the person shooting, just shows how naive these people are.
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