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Thinking more along the lines of a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x 50 FFP
Vortex fan here, own a couple- SFP, though...
Be sure you understand the difference between the two...FFP scopes are not my choice for long range because the reticle obscures the target at high magnification- and you just mentioned you have a concern about reticle size. Just sayin''s a matter of personal preference. The Viper 6.5-20 is a GREAT SFP optic for hundreds less. The Trigi's are a hunting optic...not geared for LR target use.

Whatever scope you decide on, be sure you have enough "up" elevation adjustment available. Usually isn't an issue with higher-end optics, and a 6.5 caliber boolit, just be sure to check (Vortex is never an issue, plenty of internal adjustment). When you go for a base, best to go with a 20 minute down-angle. No downside, and the extra adjustment is there in case you ever need it.

Good luck with the LRP. Like I said, that would be my choice if I didn't handload (and heck, a great one, regardless)- and when you start, it'll be that much cheaper to shoot.
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