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Passing it on to the next generation.....just great!!

Officer Jason Hutchinson and K-9 Officer Mike Guy were working the Dellwood area after receiving a complaint of shots being fired from the roadway just after dark. After several hours of surveillance on the area, the two officers observed a vehicle enter a field and begin shining a spotlight. After several minutes, a single rifle shot was heard coming from the location of the vehicle. The officers stopped the vehicle as it tried to exit the field. After interviews were conducted of the two adults in the vehicle, it was discovered that the male subject driving the vehicle had held the spotlight on a deer and allowed his juvenile son to shoot at it. The adult male subject was cited for attempting to take deer at night and for providing false statements to law enforcement.


I don't even know what to make of idiots like this. But I will say that they are the type of folks who.....oh well.....I'll leave it there. Except for this: Has that family tree even thought about branching??
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