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I think you have enough input on price...and hopefully your local dealer will help you out on a trade..../ especially if that was where you bought them.

A couple of tips ....make sure the gun is pristinely clean and properly lubed when you take it in, to trade it. I can't tell you how many dirty guns I see come into my buddy's shop - looking for trades / and it affects what he will pay for the gun.

Make sure its not rounds in the mag either....its just smarter ( and you'd be shocked to know how many times they are loaded).
Before you buy again, ideally you want to shoot a variety of 9mm's ..get a feel for the difference in the controls, grip angles, sights, how the triggers feel as they break, how far they travel they reset, width, weight ....all of that stuff makes a huge difference.

There are so many 9mm's out there...poly frame, alloy frame , steel would be hard to suggest you look at anything ...but at least look at offerings from companies like Sig least a 239 model (their single stack - relatively small gun) ....and some of their larger full size guns like a 226 ...and some kind of a 1911 in 9mm ( Springfield, Colt, Kimber, etc ) ...

and rent - or try and shoot as many as you can before you buy.
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