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Here is part of it:

I sent my LC9 back to Ruger to cure its tendency to drop the magazine when firing. I got it back a couple days ago, took it to the range and it still dropped the magazine once or twice per every 7 rounds. Ruger said they replaced the magazine latch and spring. Oddly they also replaced the firing pin and spring although I've had no problem with light strikes. As per their usual testing they fired a 21 shot salute through it and sent it back. I was very disappointed to find it still dropped the magazine. I fired it both right and left handed to make sure it wasn't me causing it. I also let another fellow at the range to shoot a magazine full and it did it to him as well. Yesterday I took the bull by the horns, detail disassembled the gun and removed the latch. A bit of judicious Dremel grinding on the locking side of the latch to reshape the catch a bit did the job. I fired about 80 rounds of ammo through it today without a hitch. It appears that Ruger's manufacturing of the latch could use a bit better shaping. The part of the latch on the side that hits the magazine as its inserted is tapered to allow the magazine to pass on insertion while the other side of the latch that catches and holds the magazine has to be flat. On my old latch and the new one the catch side was sloped a bit downward which was just enough to allow the magazine to slip past during recoil. I just flattened the side on the catch side which prevents the magazine from wedging itself past the latch during recoil. Ruger really needs to do a better job of shaping that latch.
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