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I think the reality - of the consequences of the aftermath of a shooting ...should be a real concern to any or all of us that carry / if we ever have to use a gun in a public defense situation.

Its just part of the reality ...lawsuits, etc.../ but what it means to me, is you have to be extra careful, and properly use that gun as a last resort - and not to be too cavalier about it.

Will it make me change the weapon I choose to carry no ....and I don't know why the OP mentioned the .380 .../ but I wouldn't ever carry a .380 anyway personal choice 99% of the time is a 1911 in .45 acp ...and the current environment won't change that decision.

But to ignore the consequences - that will likely occur after the fact - is not smart either. To me, it should be part of our individual decision on whether to carry or not as responsible gun owners. I've made my decision - and I think with my eyes open on the potential consequences...and the financial cost that is likely to occur as a result.
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