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I prefer as few safeties as possible. Less to deal with in a time of high stress and less stuff to malfunction. Not to mention overall clean lines for looks and nothing to snag on anything.

Mine is a compact model and don't be fooled by "compact". M&P compact is somewhere between the sub-compact and compact of Glocks. My M&P9c is noticeably smaller than the G19.

Regarding what size or package you should get, what will you be using it for? If you plan to concealed carry it at all I would say the Pro model is out. The VTAC looks cool in FDE but that's about the only difference IMO. I've heard the trigger is slightly better on the VTAC than standard models but to me its not worth the added $$$ they are asking for it.

I'd sooner buy the regular range kit package and replace the trigger with apex parts. Look em up, "APEX M&P trigger".

Now that I have my 9c, I've been kicking around the idea of picking up a 9 Pro for shooting competitions.
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