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Gun Safe Questions

I just got a gun safe installed and setup (Liberty Lincoln). This is the first real gun safe I've owned.

I'm curious about a few things...
  • Is it a good idea to store ammunition and/or reloading components (powder, primers) inside this? I'm thinking more about fire than theft for this question. The alternative is to store them in a locked cabinet elsewhere which provides no fire protection...on the other hand, I don't know if storing these things inside the safe means it is more likely that if there was a serious fire, the other items in the safe would be damaged by burning powder/primers blowing up/etc.
  • I have a Sentry 1150, which is one of those cheapo fire lockboxes. Would it actually provide additional fire protection if I put it inside the safe? I was thinking I could store important papers inside it. That way if the safe was compromised by fire, there would be a last line of defense for another 30 minutes or whatever it's rated for. I'm only thinking of this because I already own the Sentry. (This is probably unimportant - I'm talking about things like passports, not millions in bearer bonds).
  • We have small children, so I've told my wife that we need to be vigilant that the safe remained locked if not in actual immediate use. With all my gear inside, I think it's a little unlikely that a toddler could pull everything out, squeeze inside, and close the door. I'm not even sure it can be locked from the inside. I'm wondering though if there is anything I've overlooked in terms of small child safety. Not quite the same as an old abandoned refrigerator but still, always better to be safe than sorry. The safe is already in a room where kids don't normally go and the door is closed, albeit not locked.
  • Where do you keep your combination? :-) So I got a manual and there's a sticker in it with the combo. Liberty has a "combo vault" thing where you can register and store your combo online but I'm not thoroughly sold on this. On the other hand, I can see telling my wife the combo, years later she forgets it, I get hit by a bus. I'm thinking of sealing the combo in an envelope without any address or identifying info and giving it to a trusted relative.
  • My wife said "looks great. Now let's pray if someone breaks in, we're not at home." Her point is that a thief could point a gun at our head and say "open the safe". Well, nothing is perfect security...
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