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People should buy what they want...but in my area / the shops are definitely busy .....but its the low end stuff that is flying off the shelves..../ and a lot of the buyers are just panicing...and buying whatever they find - with no rhyme or reason - and little if any understanding of what they're looking at or buying.

My buddy's shop sold one of the S&W 460 XVR revolvers on Tue ( its been in the shop for at least a year...)....

8 3/8" barrel ...X Frame.../ and the guy that bought it said he had never fired a revolver, never owned a handgun, but that he had been to the range and fired some .22's and some 9mm's in semi-autos .... - but he bought it because it looked cool ( and it does ) ...and because it'll fire 3 calibers.... .460 S&W Mag, .454 Casull and .45 Colt....He paid $ 1,250 for the gun - and bought a box of each caliber ( 20 rds per box )...for about another $ 150 ...and $ 140 in tax .../ and was shocked to find out he had to wait about 10 days...since he had no concealed weapons permit.....but he paid for it / said he hopes to have it next week....

he bought it purely as a knee jerk reaction to all of the stuff in the press about AWB's ...and he just wanted to buy something....ok !!

There are still a lot of very good guns out there ...especially some of the upper end models from companies like Sig ....and on good revolvers ...and both used and new.

Inventories on AR's is low...and on a lot of popular poly frame handguns.../ but if the overreaction would stop ...and folks would just relax a little ....I think a lot of this will just blow over....

.....and I think the guy with the XVR ....will be back, looking to sell it back to the shop, when he realizes how much recoil that beast is going to have...8 3/8" barrel and compensated regardless....

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