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I refused to pay any inflated prices. I did, however, backorder a good number of magazines from Brownells and MidwayUSA at normal prices. The catch is that they won't be in the mail 'til February/March.

I have, on backorder at normal prices...

2x Magpul Gen 3 30-round AR-15 PMags w/window
1x Lancer Systems L5 AWM translucent 30-round AR-15 magazine
1x Brownell's brand aluminum 30-round AR-15 magazine with CS spring
1x Beretta 17-round factory extended magazine for my PX4 .40
2x Beretta 15-round factory 92FS magazines
1x Mec-Gar 16-round magazine for CZ-75
1x Mec-Gar 18-round flush-fit magazine for Sig P226

I actually don't own a 92, CZ-75, or P226 yet, but they are parts of my collection I am going to add for 100% certain when money allows, and I don't want the 10-round neutered versions when I get them.

That's all the buying I'm going to do. I was barely able to afford those. Luckily I already have decent stashes of .40 and .223.

It'd be nice if this could all blow over. And it will if the House republicans and blue dog democrats hold their ground.
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