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What a ridiculous post.....I can think of many more fitting terms than "hater"....
It truly amazes me how with some, a Glock just isn't allowed to be a good gun, or a desirable gun, or apparently even a gun some military might decide to use. It's just so juvenile and utterly STUPID how those people I'm referring to look for every opportunity to get in a back-handed comment like that, and thus begin the process which many times ruins a thread.
I think you need to relax and ease up a bit. I know how Gats Italian feels about Glocks, and I always see it. Sometimes the motto "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Doesn't apply, but didn't think his comment would strike a nerve to anyone so hard. Especially behind a keyboard and screen. Grow some thicker skin brother. I know it's aggravating. Check my signature out. I have an assortment of Glocks in there too. If I let everything everyone would say here get to me, I would have never returned to this site.

It's like a new thread with

Thread Title: New Glock 19!

and first post is "What a POS..get rid of it. Italian guns forever!"

It is annoying. There's also a word for that.....Starts with a "T"
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