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Great bit of snobbery that. Plenty of shooters in the UK. What is more, there is not a lot you can fairly say the British are the lowest common denominators at, thanks very much.

The Glock, while ugly is brilliantly utilitarian. Precisely because it may not offer too much to people for whom guns are a hobby, it is an excellent tool for those who want a gun that will just shoot when they need it to, with minimal complications.

Makes a lot of sense given what it was bought for, which is to arm UK forces in Afghanistan against green on blue attacks. British troops, infantry included, have always viewed handguns as officer's toys, rifles being infinitely more important - therefore a simple weapon makes sense, once they learn to shoot it adequately there is no need to learn muscle memory like sweeping the safety off a BHP, or chambering a round if it is carried empty, or wrestling with the flappy holster they are carried in when a Taliban infiltrator decides to kill some NATO invaders.
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