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coachteet said: "The NRA-ILA has done the job quite well, I think. The meeting with Biden was a farce, he had no interest in hearing anything but which guns should be outlawed and how small "clip" capacity needs to be to make the world safer."

IMO we must always keep the antis agenda in mind - to disarm the American people.

They would like, at minimum, to have the kind of restrictions that other countries have. Many kinds of guns completely outlawed. Some guns 'allowed' but under very restrictive conditions - locked up in a gun club, special licensing, etc, etc. 'Proof' of 'need' before a gun could be owned & 'psychological evaluation'. Registration.

In the past, that's why many of us have been displeased with the NRA. There has been 'compromise' which seems to be "they give nothing, we give as much as they can get from us . . . till the next time around" - then we 'compromise' some more. The former Assault Weapons Ban ended. It was obvious that various external 'scary' features on rifles had no impact on violent crime, and it went away.

But what many seem to forget is that 'they' don't grant us the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. This God given inherent right of all men to be able to defend themselves is one recognized in the US Constitution.

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