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I don't have that much experience with slugs ....and when I've fired them I've stayed with the more premium brands.../ but even if they're only $ 1 per shell....that's still expensive in my mind.

I have a nice lever action rifle - a Henry - chambered in .357 mag ...and that's pretty inexpensive to shoot --- retail ammo is about $20 - $25 for a box of 50 ( that gets your cost down to $0.50 a cartridge )....and of course you can reload the same box for about $ 9 a box ...or $ 0.18 each....

but there are lots of ways to target practice -- besides with an AR platform.../ heck a lot of guys practice with handguns, especially good revolvers, in .357 mag, .44 mag out to 100 yds. I have a really nice single action Freedom Arms - in .357 mag as well - and its a lot of fun to shoot at 50 or 100 yds..../ and from a firm rest --- it'll ring that gong all day long with about a 6" group easily in front on my crummy eyesight...with open sights.

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