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I think I am going to purchase an M&P in 9mm, 4.25" barrel.
**Good deal.

First, are they all DAO? only a few of the models are listed as Double Action Only.
***All the M&P 9mms are DA only. You can get it tweeked to competition level or leave it at the 6.5lb pull weight. You need to run about 600 rounds through it to really smooth it out.

Second, thumb safety or no thumb safety? My 1911 has a thumb safety so I do not see it as a hinderance, but what are the pros and cons?
***That’s a personal thing. If you are comfortable with a thumb safety then do what works for you. Pro-its more safe, especially where the trigger is accidentally snagged on something. Con-you have to drop the safety. If you have that muscle memory then its not an issue for you.
Third, magazine safety or not? What are the pros and cons of this?
***Mag safeties are good for…what are they good for again? Cons you can’t fire if you’re changing mags. I’d proffer if you have no mag in the well you’re out and are changing anyway. Having said that I have one without the mag safety. Some states require them (CA)

Fourth, Pro Series, VTAC, or basic? I am leaning not...I kinda like the "Range Kit" with the holster and spare mags, but is the pro worth it? I did not want to hijack anothers thread with extra questions.
Pro series has a better trigger, and night sights. Most people swear by Apex kits, Burwell, or other smiths to get the trigger to where you want to be. If you plan to play with your pistol a little, to get the sights and trigger you want in particular (or don’t care) get a basic and tweak to taste. Same to same for the range kit.

Take your time. Prices are going to be weird for a bit, until the freakout dies down.

I'll note on mine:
*Dawson adjustable sight
*fiberoptic front sight.
*Burwell trigger job to 3.5 lb
*KKM precision barrel.

Its quite nice.
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