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The pace setter die set comes with a shell holder, and a dipper as well as a full length sizing die, and a standard seating die. They will make rounds that shoot better than most people can milk them for accuracy wise.

The Deluxe die set has the full length sizing die which is needed for sizing new brass, or range pick up brass not fired in your rifle. The collet die is a neck sizing die that does not require lubing cases. The thing is it will only work with brass fired in the same rifle. It can also help with better accuracy. Note it will only work for bolt action, or single shot rifles. (Semi auto requires full length sizing ever time.) The deluxe die set also comes with the Dead Length seating die. It does not crimp, and the design of the die helps greatly with accuracy.

I buy the Deluxe die sets for all bolt action calibers that I load for, and can find them for.
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