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AFAIK he doesn't run the machines himself. I am assuming he is going to hire a machinist/smith that has built guns before.
I just don't get all of the mystique surrounding the 1911. They are really not that much different than other semi-auto pistols. Pistols other than the 1911 can and are built to strict tight tolerances. I just don't see how any 1911 can cost more than about $2,500 (unless you're paying for a bunch of fluff & hype), and I think that price level is generous.
Look at the link that I posted above and do some research. Its about hand fitting and custom work that makes them worth that money. Anyone can take machined parts and put them together into a production pistol. They sell for under a grand. When you talk about wilson combat or les baer you are talking about artwork. Custom handfitting and a whole new level of fit and finish. This is not achieved by a CNC machine and a buffing wheel. Sorry, but its not.
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