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Originally Posted by Webleymkv View Post
Strange, I was under the impression that the Brits had replaced their Hi-Powers with Sig 226's several years ago. Perhaps I was mistaken.
Sure you're not thinking of us Kiwi's? We replaced the BHP with the 226. The Air Force hung on to them a bit longer as they were slimmer and thus better/more comfortable to wear for pilots who might have to bang out. When we got rid of the aircraft with bang seats, the NZSAS was putting in an order so the RNZAF piggy backed on that. AS a result, the RNZAF has the P226 with a rail (P226R, or as we call it the P226AL,) while most of the NZ military has the plain P226.

Personally, I like the BHP, it fits my hand a LOT better.
It is New Zealand's role to send out its bright young men and women to help run the rest of the world. And they go, not hating the country of their birth, but loving it. From this loving base they make their mark on the world.

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