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Thanks everyone. I live in a small town area and we have three local gun shops - none which do consignment. I hate to list in classifieds (unless local) as there would be a FFL transfer fee on top of shipping, correct? With the above fees in mind, this could be about the same as half per firearm. I would be trading in for another so perhaps the gun shop could add a bit more for me. I plan to start going around tomorrow but wanted to get an idea of what to expect from you all before doing so.

The PF-9 is available in a .22lr conversion kit from Twisted Industries which I read is a good conversion, but that would not correct the main reason I am not liking the PF-9 with its heavier recoil.

My .22lr is the Beretta Bobcat. I bought it as a practice piece for the P-32 which was intended to be my carry gun - similar in size (plus it is just a fun gun to shoot). The PF-9 was intended to be my house gun, but I have since learned that the costs are adding up quickly - mainly the cost of .32 acp ammunition. This has lead me to go with a single 9mm and a single .22lr (also makes the wife happy). So, with that in regards, a 9mm in the size of my Bobcat would more of a handful than my PF-9
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