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thanks for the kind words...

For the 6.5 fans, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that in pretty much all the long range matches we've had since last fall, 6.5's have won the match, and placed in the top 3 pretty much always...

One guy shoots a Remington SAUM, in 6.5 caliber... 140's at around 3300 fps... it's a great shooting rig. Hard to beat him... but in December's match, a standard 260 beat him by only 5 points.

Another fellow shooting 87 VMAX's from a Savage .243 has really been turning in some good work as well. He made a blunder at the 1040 yard plate last time by not dialing in enough elevation to compensate for a 20 degree temperature drop that had occurred during the match, and he failed to score well on that plate... otherwise, he'd have probably taken first place.
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