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Star B-series 101...

With all the talk about Stars in this thread, I think a few basics are helpful.

All 1911-style Stars are slightly smaller than the Colts they superficially resemble. All lack grip safeties and have a pivoting trigger rather than a sliding trigger.
  1. Model B: Basic steel-frame full-size model.
  2. Model BS: Model B with mag disconnect.
  3. Model B Super: Model B with pivoting takedown lever and integral barrel cam lockup in place of swinging links.
  4. Model BM: Compact Model B.
  5. Model BKM: Alloy-frame Model BM.
  6. Model BKS: Model BKM with mag disconnect.
Many of the full-size pistols on the US market are military surplus and some are C&R; this is less prevalent with the compact models, which were mostly new production sold on the American commercial market from the 60s through the 80s.

CAUTION: Super-series Stars were simply marked "Super" on the butt in place of the model letter, so there's no external model marking to readily distinguish a Model B Super from the very similar Model A Super. The latter pistol fires 9mm Largo and .38 ACP interchangeably, but not 9mm Luger, and somewhat confusingly NOT .38 Super either; this is NOT what the word "Super" refers to! However, the slide legend of a Model A normally reads "9mm/.38", whereas the slide legend of a Model B normally reads "9mmP" (for Parabellum); this normally can be used to distinguish the two models, although just to confuse things further, some Model A's have been rebarreled to fire 9mm Luger!
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