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Pharmacy Owner Kills Gang Member in Shootout

This case is an example of at least two things:

- Armed people in an active shooting situation
- Guns being effective defense

No defensive use of gun would likely have meant a dead family and employees.

“It was not a robbery so much as it was an execution,” Lee recalled. “It was an attempted assassination. They didn’t make any demands. They simply came in, went over here, I mean they were basically trying to shoot us in the back of the head.”

The Lees ducked behind a counter; Sophie was hit in the leg. Bryan grabbed his gun and returned fire, hitting the shooter, 31-year-old Aquilla Bailey, in the face, torso, and leg. Bailey, a gang member from Fresno with “an extensive criminal history” (according to the Fresno Bee), fell to the floor but managed to get back up, exit the store, and run down the block before collapsing again; he died at the hospital some time later. A second suspect fled the scene but was arrested the following day; he will likely face attempted murder charges even though he was apparently unarmed at the time of the crime.
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