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Talk to some of your buddies at the gun club....and let them help you take it to a pattern check your point of impact .

Put in a Full choke at about 21 yds...( shoot at a 3" dot ) on the board...and see what your point of impact is.

If the gun isn't hitting where you look ( at the dot ) ....then a comb riser, or an adjustable butt pad or something may be in order.

But with a lot of guns - over the point of impact they tend to shoot a 50% / 50% on point of impact ...and that means you'll have to cover the target to break it. Now you might be able to adjust it the gun gives you a 70%/30% pattern ...and you can float the bird a little...

but none of us can tell you over the internet what to do need to go to the pattern board and check it.
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