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The Tax/Cliff/Tax business had a built-in deadline or artificial deadline, and thus urgency. The AWB is the exact opposite, the longer it gets dragged out the more people forget about any given mass shooting and go back to posting pictures of cats.

"Do nothing at all" is an option here, and for many the preferred one
I see it just the opposite.

The longer things drag out, the more the chance that another "event" will occur.

Nothing has been done to alleviate any of the root causes for the shootings. If anything, conditions that cause them have gotten worse.

& I'm not talking about guns here,,,,,but,,,you can bet that the anti gun side is going to jump all over the sudden demand that's taken place...

If another event that matched Dec. 14th's scope of horror were to take place in the near future - you'd be lucky to be able to register a BB gun in this country...
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