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well there are several different kinds. in the long rifle there are 91/30s and 1891s. pretty much the exact same rifle, 10 feet long with a 3 foot spike at that end, they are essentially pikes that shoot bullets. for some time a few american companies made 1891 mosins and they are getting to be very hard to find, if you ever see one that has Remington or New England Westinghouse on them get it. they are highly sought after. as far as good shooters, I have no idea what the difference is my self but in the 91/30 models the more sought after are hexagonal receiver models. I own two round receiver models and have no problem shooting them. also the Finnish M39 is essentially a mosin nagant 91/30 manufactered to much higher specifications so it runs much smoother and has better accuracy.

other models that are not nearly as common are Carbines. M38, M44 and type53(Chinese) are much shorter than the 91/30 and 1891 and are usually instantly identifiable by flip up bayonets running along the right hand side of the barrel.
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