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I agree with the others that you went straight to the top end on this one. I never load up 150 rounds for a pistol without testing first - you want to be sure it's not too hot and that it cycles properly in all of your guns first.

Magnum primers are absolutely not necessary with Bullseye powder, and as has been pointed out they can increase pressure for a given load. Also you made a point of saying you applied a hard crimp - that is never necessary and usually damages plated bullets. It can also prevent your cartridges from headspacing correctly. A proper taper crimp for semiauto pistol pretty much just removes the flare at the lip plus a touch more. They won't look crimped by casual glance - only a slight taper inward at the very edge. You can use calipers to check for proper crimp by measuring a factory loaded round right at the crimp area and comparing to your loads.

Sorry, but I'd also vote for starting anew. Alliant's web site is pretty weak as far as bullet choices - many newer manuals have data for plated bullets (which is usually between lead and jacketed data).
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