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I don't think that anyone, no matter how well stocked, doesn't have the question "is it enough?" runnin thru their minds. It's somewhat natural.

I'm better off than I was last time. I have more primers and bullets and powder and .22lr. In reality I have enough to last me months if I shoot as much as I'd like, who knows how long it will last if weather, kids, work, etc keeps my shooting in check (which is always likely). But I do still have that "what if?" crap runnin thru my head. Luckily, I'm not a competition shooter nor do I run drills or plink quantities of ammo at a time. 100 rounds total between different guns for any one range sessions is a lot for me so supplies last me longer than some.

I know this, I'd hate to be the guy with only 100-200 rounds of each ammo. I was that guy in 2008, not this time.
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