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Hmmm... ok I will check for marring on the bullet noses when I get home. Also I use a minimul crimp due to using unique powder that is large enough to create a compressed load (3.4gr). I use the light crimp to help NOT create too much pressure upon ignition.

Before this die set I was using one set for 2 different 9mm loads and would have to adjust every time I wanted to load for the other. My STI requires an extremely long oal. (Almost to the lube band but cant recall exact length off the top of my head.) The other loads are set up based on the pickiest gun. (CZ 75b) This gun requires an extremely short oal of 1.014 and all the rest shoot this load fine. All loads are with the same bullet and I havent had this problem before. I did however apply some spray lithium grease on the dies when I got them to help with corrosion.

Does any of this info help?
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