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I said a .22 had dropped a bear in one shot. know you love the .45. I love the .45, too. Just had my 1911 out yesterday afternoon for some outdoor plinking. One of my all time favorite calibers.

That said, you're right. The OP has been answered. Most would not feel safe with .45acp as bear defense if it were really needed.

You're bringing up a lot of "lots of bears killed with .45's" and then the above quote about the .22....No offense, and I've enjoyed this thread, but I'm guessing you've never dealt with real-life bears or the business of killing them. A small bear bent on killing you will not go down easily. If I had a .45 in my hand at the point a 65 pound bear was charging me, I would expect to be severely hurt.

I've shot 3 of my bears with my 30-06. None of them dropped in their tracks, despite heavy bone damage and heart/lung hits. Same goes for 50 cal muzzleloader. They are tough animals.

Maybe I need that .22 of which you speak.....
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