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at our club we have very strict rules, when people are going down range to change a target or put up a target all guns are to be locked open and a chamber indicator in place. This applies to both the long gun range and hand gun range. With new shooters if often happens that they forget to lock the bolt open or they forget the chamber indicator. Another is we have a white line painted on the black top behind the firing line and anyone not going down range is to be behind that line, some forget this and when others turn and start to walk back to the firing line after changing their target some guy is at the firing line getting his gun ready to shoot again. With some guys these rules take a few scoldings to sink in. We had one member trying to fix his rifle while others were down range, I kindly told him that he needed to be behind the line and his rifle secured while others were down range, he replied that he was a cop and knew how to handle guns. I politely told him that was no excuse to break the rules. He dropped his rifle abruptly on the shooting bench and stepped back behind the line. He was kind of POed. Later as he was leaving the range he came over to me and apologized for his behavior and attitude. We have since become good friends, he was just having a bad day with his rifle jamming and his mind just wasn't on safety. He is an excellent marksman and has taught me a couple things that have helped me to shoot better.
New shooters often need some help and guidance. I believe it is our responsibility as experienced shooters to help them out.

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