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Archie Otto
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This is all good information, thanks much. The hard loading is with clean and fouled barrel, every load every time regardless of bore condition. I have found that putting a little grease on the sabot helps a little. Even then shooting 20 rounds just plain wears me out. Shooting should not be that much work. So why would T/C make a sabot that is this difficult to load in a T/C rifle? It just don't make sense to me. From what I am seeing with T/C, CVA and other inlines I will be sticking with the traditional side hammer rifles. I have a renegade with a factory .54 barrel and a GM LRH .50 drop-in barrel and never had these hard loading problems or accuracy issues. So if ya know someone interested in an .45 omega I'd cut ya a smokin deal. I need cash to start a new hawken project from Pecatonica. I'm thinkin .58 cal colerain barrel 1-70 twist round ball barrel.
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