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Maybe in over my head? I hope not.
It seems a bit overwhelming to start with, but it will all start to make more sense as time goes by.

It would be nice to find the exact components listed in your manuals for a particular load, but with today's component availability, that is almost always impossible. IN MY OPINION, data for jacketed bullets of different types can be loaded with the same data. IF I were working up a load using the components you listed, I would use the Winchester / Hodgdon data for the Hornady XTP. Both are jacketed bullets, and OAL would be fine because the bullet you have is a FP (in calibers that have RN bullets available, you cannot use the same OAL as you would for a HP).

Always start low, looking for pressure signs, then work up.

Always make a couple of dummy rounds (no primer / powder) to test function in your gun. Also use the dummy rounds to do the "plunk test" in your barrel. You can search "plunk test" on youtube or search for it on this forum.

Hope this helps, but some of the more experienced guys will be along shortly with some great info for you.
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