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I didn't look, but facing thin dilemma, I would look at Hodgdon's data for a jacketed 180 with the same powder. I would start at the min load and divide the range fro min to max into 5 equal groups of 10 and load 10 shells at 5 charge weights. Shoot 5 shot groups looking for your best accuracy. I always shoot seated at a bench with sandbags at 15 yards in 40.

Your best group or best 2 group average should be your load. Also check your cases for pressure signs like excess recoil compared to factory and primer marks. I find as pressures increase, so do my primer swipe marks. I rough limit this to factory load level. I also shoot these over my shooting chrono and integrate that data in my decision.

If you have questions, call Hodgdon. They love to help.
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