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I simply leave my opinion based upon:
literally many thousands of days in big bear country hiking (I realistically get out 350 days a year for hours a day, and also extended trips out into the bush), hunting, fishing, boating, tracking in bear country obtained over decades, knowing and having read Larry Kaniut's books (many of which document first hand bear/man encounters obtained over decades), knowing a number of professional guides including what they do and don't do again over decades, reading research on bears and bear encounters, knowing wildlife biologists, specifically tracking and watching bears, the fact that I have had close bear encounters over the years (four feet being the closest non-hunting encounter) etc... I could go on...

Basically I have come to "feel safe" with my personal choices regarding my behavior in bear country and my approaches to bear defense. And they are not similar to Timothy Treadwell's or a .45 ACP.

I am not the bear whisperer and know others with far more bear experience than myself; and many others whom I do not know, but are out there.

Realistically, we are all more likely to die of heart disease, or in an automobile than be attacked by a bear.

I think that the very 1st response to the OP was very insightful.

I respect everyone's right to their own experiences and opinions; I may or may not agree with them.

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