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The whole gun argument isnt rocket science

Ok im a simple guy. Taking something and twisting into pretzels trying to appease or prove something doesnt make sense to me with much of anything and gun regulation is no different.
Fact 1. You will never ever regulate firearms and make one iota worth of difference about anything to do with guns. Bad guys will get em. Period. Whatever they want and how many they want.
Fact 2. None of the preemptive notions of foretelling what a human being will do as far as criminal violent acts are anything more than foolishness. Mental folks by and large never hurt anyone. A good number do but until they have which ones are we talking about here. And being just downright mean, worthless and a waste of space isnt confined to folks with mental illness.
Fact3 You cannot deal with a criminal until hes actually done something to make him a criminal now can you? You cant just say Well this person might do this violent thing and make him pay for it before he actually does it for the first time.

The firearm isnt the problem. And until a human picks up one and tries to murder rape pillage or plunder with it there is squat we can do about it.
The problem is what we do after a human does one of those things and is caught. To stop him/her from doing it again either the victim kills or permanently disables the person. Hes caught and either locked up for life or executed. Its really that simple on any practical level.

Will the gubment ever acknowledge that? No. Will even a large number of the general public agree with it? Not likely. How to get it across I dont know since I dont understand why it isnt just common sense to folks to start with.
I only wish common sense was something more folks had in this country now a days.
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