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Bud Helms
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There are a couple of important points made in this thread that are worth noting. And a couple that are worth dropping.

Proficiency training or safety training is not intended to affect a shooter's intention to take life. They are intended to teach safety and proficiency in firearm handling.

The problem is not School Safety either. What about Theatres and Shopping Malls? What about bell tower snipers on college campuses and in town squares?

A scheme to register or confiscate all the privately owned firearms in America is futile. Somewhere near 80 million new felons could be borne in short order.

An increase in qualifications to determine suitability of ownership is worse in my opinion.

The only things common to these situations is 1) the intentions of the shooter and (are you ready for it?) 2) the availability and use of firearms.

The frenzy we see in the news today is an effort to do something, by people that don't have a clue how to parse the problem in logical fashion. And they do not give a whit for your inconvenience or your precious Second Amendment and supposed Constitutional Rights. Many of our fellow citizens today believe that the Constitution is a burden to progress, not protection against self destruction.

So, just a thought here ... I think some at least partial-solution is necessary, but we must not play the gun grabber's game of the easy way out. Their position is, "Let's pass a law!" I say don't let them frame the circumstances of the debate. Don't participate in that game. We don't have good media support, so we need to work at the local level to make our case. We do that without our Alex Jones impersonation. And we do it despite the arrogant, haughty, ugly name-calling attacks from the antigun crowd.

It is time to do what we should have been doing all these decades: building bridges with nonshooters and being good ambassadors and teachers of the shooting sports and the love of guns.

I choose not to be chased into the corner with no way out, but I cannot yet, and would find it difficult in the extreme, to take up arms.

That is as it should be, I think.
"The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion." - John Lawton, speaking to the American Association of Broadcast Journalists in 1995
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