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New guy needs help

First of all hello. I aplologize to all the experienced reloaders that have to help a new guy. My questions will be easy and numerous because i know no one who reloads. I promise not to post to just to get info from books that i should have as a must for reloading. I bought a single stage rcbs reloader and a kit. I have everything sans powder. (Waiting on ups guy). I have read my 40s&w die instructions and you might as well hand me a rubiks cube. Ive read the latest lyman, speer, and hornady manuals. I cannot find a load for my 40s&w. im using winchester 231, 180gr hornady fmj fn, starlite new brass, cci small pistol primer. (I know, here we go again). Hornady doesnt list win 231. Please help. Im dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to reloading.
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