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I have a Mark II Stainless Target, and 3, Mark III 22/45s, a Target, a Threaded Barrel, and the LITE. I have removed the Mag disconnects from all 3 22/45s, and done the Slingshot mod. I like the 22/45s best because of the grip angle, and the weight savings. My Mark II Target weighs 42 oz. My LITE weighs 22 oz. The Mark III Target is in the middle at 33 oz. The heavier pistols are good for accuracy, but for plinking and general woods bumming, the LITE really shines. Its a few dollars above your $300 threshold, but worth it, I paid $359 for mine. That 20 oz savings over the all metal Mark II/III really makes a difference. The LITE is still exceptionally accurate. There are a couple others I will recommend, The Ruger SR22P(17 oz), and the Bersa Thunder 22(19 oz). Both of those are 10 shot, DA/SA, exposed hammer, and with very good sights. I have both, and feel they are equals. They both lose a little accuracy from the Mark pistols, but for plinkers, are just as fun, maybe even more fun than the Marks. They are accurate enough for small game hunting, and pop can ventilating.
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