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You wanna compared a 45ACP vs a bear to a pair of Bincos? C'mon now that's a little ridiculous.
Not at all ridiculous if you name is Deane Lengkeek.

A .22 has killed many bears. And dropped them dead in one shot. Does it mean its a one shot one kill vs a charging Grizzly, or is a one shot one kill ALL the time? NO WAY!
Just a reminder of the OP:
Would you feel safe using a 45 ACP for protection against a Bear if you were fishing up North where the Bears are big?
And you still continue to state:
IT CAN work. But as I I said countless times over, the 45ACP can work.
I do realize that you also state:
It means the 45ACP is capable of taking out a bear, but it's not a wise first choice weapon.
CAN work is totally different then you claiming I said a 45ACP will drop a bear In one shot. Where did I say that anywhere in my posts?
As far as I have read, you have not stated one shot, one stop with a .45ACP; just with a .22.

I just said a .22 HAS before, never said it will everytime that's stupid to assume.
I have assumed nothing, just read your posts. While the OP asks about feeling safe relying on a .45 ACP for bear protection against big Northern bears, you continue to promote/argue the ability, while not 100%, of the .45ACP and the .22 to stop a bear.

In your own words:
IT CAN work.
I don't recall the OP asking if it "CAN" work.

Again I state:
The question is, "Would a reasonable and prudent person expect to or seriously consider defending oneself against a bear with a .45 auto pistol; especially if other alternatives are available?"

I personally know a fair number of Alaska Guides and not one of them carries a .45 ACP or a .22 for that matter for bear protection when out in the bush.

While they "COULD", they "DON'T".

Just because something is possible does not make it wise.

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