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Hello -

So I am saving for my second Henry lever action....(have the GB .22LR already and I love it). I want to get a Henry Big Boy .44 mag rifle....

Trying to scope out some basic good-to-highend factory ammo brand / grain and just started looking around....I ran across the Hornady LEVERevolution Ammo which is .44 Rem Mag 225 gr @ 24.99/ that's over $1/ that ridiculous or is that what I can expect for a good to premium .44 mag round

Primary Use: Coyote, skunk, possum, wolf protection on a farm and target shooting on my land approx 100-150 yrds etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated....

Thank you
I own a 44 bigboy henry lever. It is my favorite rifle. I think you are picking a good caliber too because, at least where I live, 44 is the lowest you can go to use the rifle for deer hunting as an example.
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