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But, if you want to try the binocs or the lottery tickets...
You wanna compared a 45ACP vs a bear to a pair of Bincos? C'mon now that's a little ridiculous. A .22 has killed many bears. And dropped them dead in one shot. Does it mean its a one shot one kill vs a charging Grizzly, or is a one shot one kill ALL the time? NO WAY! My point simply wad even a .22 has worked before, and its done the job in one shot, so if a .22 can then obviously a .45ACP can. Again, its not for certain and Bear size, shot placement, etc all matters. If read my post i said a 45ACP would NOT be a good front line/1st choice. I said a 12 gauge with SLUGS. You must have mis-read me, I said its not a good 1st choice at all, perhaps as a back- up or if its Thr ONLY thing you have it's better than nothing. BUT as a backup or if its all you have, IT CAN work. But as I I said countless times over, the 45ACP can work. Can doesnt mean "will work 100% no matter what". No. It means the 45ACP is capable of taking out a bear, but it's not a wise first choice weapon. CAN work is totally different then you claiming I said a 45ACP will drop a bear In one shot. Where did I say that anywhere in my posts? I never did. I just said a .22 HAS before, never said it will everytime that's stupid to assume.

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