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I am proposing that if the gun friendly politicians are backed into a corner, and they know they are going to lose,
If 2A friendly politicians know they're going to lose, that means anti-2A politicians know they're going to win. Your logic for this "compromise" or "negotiation" is completely flawed. In what world would an opposing side "negotiate" or "compromise", when they know they are going to win?

Furthermore your idea is practically flawed,

they turn to the NRA and ask "what do you think?"...The NRA could offer to go to the gun manufacturers and come up with a “mutually agreeable foundation" to create a pre-purchase training program.
If the above, is triggered by the below
a ban on high capacity magazines has passed the senate, and it looks like it will pass the house, and a vote is scheduled in 2 days,
Do you seriously think you could get politicians, a multitude of company representatives and NRA representation all together in 2 days, let alone to come to an agreement?

I already stated what a better option is(which coincidentally involves not getting backed into a corner and praying for mercy at the last moment), and addressed several serious flaws with your idea. All of which you have failed to address how to remedy . What you're suggesting would in fact have serious ramifications for the RKBA(not to mention stepping on private businesses toes), it's unfortunate that you cannot see that and would rather blindly and incrementally hand over our rights to those who would take it from us.
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