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seeking information on a .357 carbine

I own a Rossi M92, .357/38 (notice that order), 16 inch, big D ring lever rifle.

I have owned a Savage 99A, .308 Win. and an Enfield SMLE MK I.

This is -the- rifle, for .357. Peak optimum performance from manufacturer's ammunition for a .357 handgun, peaks at 16 inches, and then starts to diminish. it is fast, handles well, feels right, and I can get a more positive 'throw' actuating the lever.

Notice I wrote: ".357/.38"? The OAL difference between the two cartridges, is enough to cause a headache, if you do not doo your homework, first. yes, sure, there are Marlin guys that ell you their rifle eats all ammo. A Rossi is not a Marlin. A Rossi is a clone of the Winchester Model 1892. Yes, Rossi rifles can be persnickety in ammunition. The OAL .357 length is 1.58 inches. A decimal over that, by the manufacturer's matching of bullet length to case length, can cause a glitch. it is not a fault of the rifle. Semiwadcutter bullets have square shoulders on them. The ledge of the loading ramp can make for a frustrating moment, if you are not aware of that. Truncated bullets work. Flat nose bullets work. Gosh, for a .38 round, NYCLADS work! The ogive of the bullet is what will hang you up. Also, remember, it is a tube magazine, so no pointed bullets, for your safety. The Rossi has Ballard style grooves in the barrel, fyi.

The crescent buttstock shoulders just fine. Out of the box, first shots on the range, for me having a 27 year gap, in shooting a rifle, I kept everythiing at 25 yards, in 4 moa.

I wish you well in your shooting years.
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