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All I shoot is tumble lube. I shoot 230grn LRNFP in my XDc just fine. I bought the mold from a custom maker in Utah. I also had good luck with Lee's truncated nose mold. I am also shooting Lee's SWC in my 44 mag with good results. I also shoot a 270 grain RNFP with a gas check in the 44 mag. I have also shot the 270 grain bullet at 2,100 fps out of a Win 94 AE in 444. No leading and shot great. It is also a Lee mold. My 45/70 TL mold is from the custom mold maker. It also shoots very well.

The custom mold maker is Tom and his company is Accurate Molds. While he makes some outstanding molds at great prices, its still nice to be able to experiment with a $20.00 mold.
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