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When posts are put on this forum regarding carrying extra ammo . You always get quoted that most shootings only 3 rounds are fired so no need to carry extra ammo. So they woldent have a problem with 10 rd magazines. If you have 10 magazines with 10 rounds in each you would think enough.

Lots are happy carrying 1911-s with 7 rds or revolvers with 6.
As one of the people who feels comfortable carrying a revolver, I would point out that, in my mind, concealed carry and home defense are two different things. When I'm out and about, I need only enough ammunition to allow me to get away from whoever is trying to harm me. I have no intention of standing in the middle of the street shooting it out with the bloods or crips. As Mike Irwin once said, my gun serves as the starter pistol in the mad dash fat man's tactical retreat.

When defending my home, however, things are a bit different. Should a group of home invaders start breaking my window in the middle of the night, I'm not going to be retreating because I've got nowhere to retreat to. My strategy for home defense is to try to barricade myself somewhere and keep the wolves at bay long enough for the cavalry (meaning the police) to arrive. In that case, I see a much greater need for a high capacity firearm and I keep a semi-automatic .223 rifle with a 20 round magazine as part of my home defense plan.
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