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After my sons and I got into target shooting, the NEED to reload was apparent for me.

Pure economics. 100 rounds (min.) each x 3 each trip to the range (usually monthly, more if we can) = ridiculous $$ at a buck a round for match ammo.

I dove right in with a progressive press because of my volume. A single stage, like a Rock Chucker, would be all you need. A few hundred bucks tops, and you're good to go.

The process is very simple, as is the equipment. A manual is a good start, although honestly, everything you need- tutorials ("how to"), and load data- is all online now, making paper manuals about obsolete.

Like I said, the .308 is a great round, but not my first choice for 1000 yards.

Here's an idea...

If you're reluctant, or don't want to get into handloading just yet, get the 10 FCP- with the McMillan stock in .308.

IMO, the AccuStock just won't give you what you need for 1000 yard shooting when compared to the McMillan- and it's a fairly priced upgrade for a top-of-the-line stock.

When you're ready to reload, get a barrel nut wrench, a set of barrel blocks, and a go gauge- and change the barrel to a .260, 7-08, 6.5, or whatever floats your boat after you've gotten your feet wet.

I'm about to do exactly that on my son's Savage .308 (.260 barrel just arrived last week), after doing it on my own last month. Barrel changes on a Savage- and reloading- are really that easy, and nothing to be intimidated over.

Especially when you've got the wealth of knowledge from guys more than willing to help on forums such as this....

Good luck, let us know what you end up going with....
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