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And this will help prevent another Sandy Hook ... how, exactly?
Oh I am sure it won't. I have not faith in gun bans, mandatory hurdles, or other impediments to have any effect on crime.

The only purpose is to prevent an even more restrictive law. It is a negotiating tactic. Throw the opposition something symbolic but which does very little harm.

And it would be stupid to promote this training idea until it is clear that we could lose a gun ban vote. Until that point, we need to just fight tooth and nail against any new restrictions.

Sig, I think I am failing to communicate. I apologize for that. I am proposing that if the gun friendly politicians are backed into a corner, and they know they are going to lose, and they turn to the NRA and ask "what do you think?"... I propose that the NRA have something better to offer than frothing at the mouth about rights and the founding fathers. The NRA could offer to go to the gun manufacturers and come up with a “mutually agreeable foundation" to create a pre-purchase training program. Libs get weak-in-the-knees when they hear words like "mutually agreeable framework".

So again, back to my question.... assuming (for talking purposes) a ban on high capacity magazines has passed the senate, and it looks like it will pass the house, and a vote is scheduled in 2 days, what would you suggest our gun-friendly congressmen do? What would you propose? What would you offer to try and turn a few of those fence-sitting congressmen to our side?

I can guarantee that a fence-sitter is not going to be swayed by telling him that "30 round mags are needed in case we need to overthrow the government, which is the real reason for the 2nd amendment”… This statement may be true, and we may believe it, but the truth is rarely helpful when dealing in politics.

I think our side should be ready with some proposals which will sound good to the anti's, but which in reality will not seriously affect our RTKBA. I have come up with one such proposal, but I would love to hear some more.

Suggestions such as yours are not only ridiculous and half baked but also short sighted
Believe it or not, it IS possible to disagree with someone without being a jerk.
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