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The T-Ball bat may be pushing things a bit, as he was confronted by two people at the same time.
You don't think a 20 y.o. male could not take out 2 20 something females if he had a bat and they had bupkus?

I'm trying to think of all the Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers I've known .... I've had 5 kids go through those grades thus far ..... and even counting my own and sibling's teachers in those grades ..... most were either elderly (some over 60) or in their early 20's ...... and none of them could have whipped their way out of a wet paper bag...... the only way they are going to even delay a 20 y.o. male with a weapon is for them to have a weapon of their own, preferably a gun. Without a weapon, they'll delay him long enough for him to beat them down ... and then it's on to the kids. Not acceptable.
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